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Restaurant Posten

In the cozy restaurant Posten you can enjoy our lunch card that offers Delebrunch, Stjerneskud and Parisian steak.

Our evening menu offers classic dishes such as burgers and fresh pasta, as well as delicious main courses such as Grambogaard beef tenderloin, New York Strip and Iberico Secreto.

In the summer we have tables, chairs and a bar on Tovet, where you can be served tasty dishes and drink delicious iced coffee. In the evening we have heat lamps and soft blankets, so you can enjoy our evening card and delicious drinks until well into the evening.

Breakfast Card

We are known for our tasty deli brunch, with bla. warm liver pate, freshly baked croissants and special sausages.

The lunch card also offers Star Shot with butter-fried fish fillet, omelette with spinach and tomato, and much more.
See our entire menu at the link below.

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Dinner Card

Are you looking for a delicious freshly stirred tartar or juicy beef tenderloin from Grambogård, then our evening card is just the thing for you!

We also serve delicious green dishes, such as fresh pasta with mushrooms and spinach, as well as falafel salad.

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